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Your network.Your work.

One place.

Bizly is the central hub that lets you showcase your work, network with others, and find the opportunities you've been looking for.


Your bizlyCard

An all in one experience comprised of five sections, making it easy for everyone you connect with to save your info, view your content, and get in touch.


Introduce yourself to others with a combination of photos or videos that tell your story.


All of your preferred information, ranging from phone number to your favorite social media links. You decide how people can contact you!


Effortlessly upload, embed, and build content pages straight to your bizlyCard.


A modern day CV page that works for you! Personalize it however you would like others to view your past work experience.


A page for sharing your availability, work preferences, the services you provide, and more.


On bizlyNetwork

Network remotely and in person without having to exchange a business card. Networking with the right people just got a whole lot easier.

Search & Filter

Find and filter through people using their services, name, role, tags, location, and company!


Communicate with others using the instant messaging feature.


Share bizlyCards with your peers who may be looking for someone for an upcoming project, or for a new opportunity.


This is your new and improved contact list. The bizlyList will serve as your businessoriented contact book (or a good ol' rolodex), that makes organizing your network a whole lot easier.


Whether you've met someone at an event, or found them in the bizlyNetwork, you can now store them in your bizlyList.


Create categories and sub-categories to help you organize your network the way you want it to be organized. You can even add notes to remind yourself the details on how you met!


Share your category lists and collaborate with others when trying to hire or recruit! Or, share contacts with your peers at your convenience.

Your Rolodex



Find your next project or job using the opportunities feature! 

Find Work

Search for work based on your industry, location, or various other filters. 

Hire and Recruit

Post upcoming projects, jobs, and casting calls directly from the app. 

Get Notified

Not enough hours in the day? Bizly will notify you when a job has been posted in your target industry, role, or personalized filters.

Your business. Your rules.

Sometimes a resume just doesn't cut it. In a world where visual work can you tell you everything you need to know, a one-stop-shop to search for creative professionals is needed more than ever. Whether you want to showcase your work, or are looking for your next collaborator, bizly brings networking to the next level. It was built with creative professionals in mind and for those who need them. 

Showcase your work and contact information all in one place. It's easy to carry, professional and unique. It is also perfect for networking events, job interviews, and making a lasting impression with potential clients or employers. Plus, it's a great way to stand out from the competition.



It's important to make a good first impression, and bizly can help talent and performers to do that in a professional, polished and memorable way. You can carry it to auditions, networking events and other professional events where you want to showcase your work and qualifications.



Showcase your professional background, qualifications, and contact information, making it easy to network and exchange information. It also includes contact management and a resume feature, helping you stand out and make a lasting impression.



So.... why bizly ?

Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.

Using bizly shouldn't just become of your day to day life, but it will become a natural habit that you go to when you need it most. Finally, a place that is user-friendly that skips the intro and gets right down to biz.

Your website

Showcase your personal brand and tailoring the design and content to match your unique style and qualifications.

Your business card

Throw away your business card. Share your professional information in a compact and portable format.

Your rolodex

Manage and organize your contacts, similar to a rolodex, making it easier to keep track of important connections.

Your resume

Use bizly to create the perfect personalized resume that reflects your experience, skills, and attributes to cater to your audience.

Join the bizly community

This is an exciting time for the bizly community. As we continue through the development stage, your involvement.... is not just a consumer app, it is a community, a way of operating between each other, and we believe that nothing represents community more than collaboration. With that said, and given that we are still in the development stage, we invite you to join the bizCommunity, where not only do you get exclusive access to be one of the first users on biz... but you also get to be a voice that matters! Here's how:

Exclusive Updates

Get updates on the development from the bizly team on our private discord channel!

Make a Difference

Get exclusive access to vote on certain decisions on design, features, and biz related events! as well as make wishes for features that the team can explore!

Test the App

Test the app and get to give your opinion in one on one video calls with the team!

Special Offers

By joining the bizCommunity in its early stages and believing in it, it would only be right to reward you forever! (Discounted Rates, Event VIP Passes, etc.)

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