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Your business. Your rules.

bizly empowers you to take control of your professional life and make it work for you. Whether you're a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a performer, or any type of creative, bizly provides the tools and resources you need to succeed. Create a personalized profile, showcase your skills and achievements, and connect with like-minded individuals in your industry. With bizly, you set the rules for how you want to grow your business, network, and find new opportunities. So, take control of your career today and make bizly a part of your success story.

Showcase your portfolio and network with other creatives in your industry. Find and post job opportunities, locally or globally. Organize your contacts and stay informed of new job postings that match your desired industry and role. Make the most of your creative career with bizly.



bizly allows your talent to take center stage. Highlight your talents, network with others, and find the opportunity you’ve been working towards. With features like personalized portfolios and detailed talent attributes, you can easily promote your work and grow your network.



Stand out and make a lasting impression by showcasing your professional background and qualifications with ease. With effective contact management and a resume feature, you'll have a centralized hub for networking and exchanging information.



Your network.

Your work.

One place.

Elevate your career with bizly - the ultimate platform for creatives, talent, and professionals, to showcase their work, build their network, and discover infinite opportunities.

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Your bizlyCard

A dynamic profile showcasing your content, contact info, and much more, all in one seamless experience.


Introduce yourself with your latest photos and videos to tell your story.


Streamline your contact info and social links in one place.


Effortlessly upload, embed, and build content pages straight to your bizlyCard.


A modern day CV page that works for you! Personalize it however you would like for others to view your past work experience.

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Share your expertise, availability, skills, and work preferences.


On bizlyNetwork

Network remotely and in person without having to exchange a business card. Networking with the right people just got a whole lot easier.

Search and filter

Filter your search by services, name, role, tags, location, and company!


Communicate with others using the instant messaging feature.


Share bizlyCards with your peers who may be looking for someone for an upcoming project, or for a new opportunity.

Contacts page on bizly


This is your new and improved contact list. An intuitive rolodex for organizing your business contacts.


Whether you've met someone at an event, or found them in the bizlyNetwork, you can now store them in your bizlyList.


Easily organize your network with customizable categories and sub-categories, complete with notes to help you remember the details of each connection.


Share your categorized contacts with ease, perfect for hiring and recruiting or sharing with peers.

Your rolodex

Groups on bizly



Find and post your next gig, audition, or job using the opportunities feature! 

Find Work

Search for work based on your industry, location, or various other filters. 

Hire and Recruit

Post upcoming gigs, jobs, and casting calls directly from the app. 

Get Notified

Not enough hours in the day? Stay ahead of the game with bizly's job alerts, tailored to your target industry, role, or custom filters.

Opportunities on bizly
Actor bizlyCard
Actor and talent

So... why bizly ?

Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.

Your website

Compared to a standard website, bizly offers more convenience and a modern approach to showcasing your personal brand compared to a website.

Your digital business card

Share your preferred information in a compact and digital format that won’t get lost, thrown away, or forgotten.

Your rolodex

bizly is your modern-day rolodex, allowing you to efficiently store and organize your contacts in one place, to your liking.

Your resume

Create a tailored resume on bizly to showcase your experience, skills, and qualifications.

Join the bizly community

This is a very exciting time for the bizly community. We are thrilled to bring a unique platform to the market designed to revolutionize the way professionals network. Join us on our journey and be a part of shaping the future of networking while being one of the first to experience what bizly has to offer.

Exclusive Updates

Get updates on the development from the bizly team on our private discord channel!

Make a Difference

Get exclusive access to vote on certain design decisions, features, and bizly-related events.

Test the App

Test the app and give your feedback in one-on-one or group video calls with the bizly team!

Special Offers

As an early adopter, receive exclusive benefits like discounted rates, VIP event passes, and more!

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Join the party!

Thanks for joining the waitlist! We will be in touch as soon as we begin rolling out the app!

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